First South Carolina Elite Ms. Heart of the USA meets the First Black Mrs. South Carolina America 2021


On January 14, 2023, Dr. Sermon attended the NAACP's 42nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade in York, South Carolina as "Miss I AM H.E.R. International. This parade is the longest running MLK Parade in the state!

Dr. Sermon (right), the first South Carolina Elite Ms. Heart of the USA, who is also the first Miss I AM H.E.R. International, was greeted by none other than the first Black Mrs. South Carolina America 2021, Mrs. Felicia Clark (left) at the Harambee Festival at Benedict College. This was truly an honorable and humbling moment for Dr. Sermon because she didn't expect to cross paths with a trailblazer in pageantry.

"I was greeted with a warm hug and smile from her and her beautiful daughter which is a beautiful attribute of someone who is genuine and deserves to be honored as a prestigious queen." - Dr. Sermon

Pageantry is a beautiful thing because it allows women the opportunity to represent the people that can best identify with them. Even though beauty shouldn't only come from the outside, pageantry allows for women to model the beauty in embracing one's self and sharing the beauty within. Having someone to identify with in pageantry is empowering, especially if it combats, challenges, and changes the traditional standards about beauty.

Statement from the Dr. Chanell Sermon page on Facebook: "It hurts when you work hard to be better at what you do only for some to dismiss to your efforts and imply it’s not good enough. But these recognitions through the I AM H.E.R. International platform is clearly God’s way of saying, 'I see you daughter, even when people underestimate your value, I see the impact you’ve made in the lives you touched.' MORAL OF THE TESTIMONY IS: When you do what God wants you to do, He will bring honor to you despite what your naysayers believe because you thrived your in purpose. God has the final say and He validates me well!"

To read the press releases concerning Dr. Sermon's recognitions on the I AM H.E.R. International  and the Miss Heart of the USA platforms, follow the below links:


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Dr. Sermon is the recent recipient of TWO honorary degrees from the Mount Olives Ministerial Bible Institute from Lagos, Nigeria.

South Carolina Educator is crowned, "National Miss Heart of the USA Queen of Hearts"


Dr. Sermon is the cover feature for the February 2023 GLAM CEO and the Glambitious Black History Spotlight!